About Awers


We are located in the beautiful northwestern city of Seattle. Our neighbors include Microsoft, Boeing and Amazon, but they cannot compete with us, because they can only manufacture airplanes, computers or books, but they aren’t capable of producing high quality red salmon caviar.

Red Caviar Production Awers Inc. was born more than 15 years ago. Back then, in the previous century, the company specialized in fishing-fleet management and seafood wholesale. We delivered healthy seafood to people in the United States, Russia, Israel, Germany and even Australia. We traded crab and pollock, but our favorite was salmon. At the beginning of every summer, we ventured to the most southwestern part of Alaska, which is the ideal location to find pink salmon. We soon found out that during the processing of pink salmon, the roe was dumped into the trash along with guts and heads. This was shocking because to Russians, the roe is the most valuable part of this fish. Awers was one of the first companies to start marketing pink salmon roe in large quantities in the USA. Within five years everybody was after pink salmon roe. We had to find something new and learned that almost nobody processed Sockeye salmon roe for caviar. We took this opportunity and were the first to market Sockeye salmon caviar to our customers. By taking opportunities such as these and utilizing modern food processing technologies available in the United States, we are able to process high-quality caviar at a low price, making Awers the success it is today.

Red Caviar Cans For the past seven years Awers has been the largest supplier of Russian style salmon caviar in America. We operate our own processing plant, have refrigeration and freezer capacities, and export caviar to at least a dozen countries. The caviar goes though many stages before it reaches our customers. First, the caviar passes inspection in Alaska, and then again in our own plant. Our facility is operated under HACCP, GMP and SSOP requirements and is inspected by the US FDA, State regulators (WSDA) and local health inspectors. In addition, our plant is regularly inspected by the Orthodox Union. The roe is carefully selected with the help of technology and know-how by our experienced and proactive staff. We bring our packaging materials from Europe; its quality complies with the highest standards in the EU as well as the USA. Cans are lithographed with our original designs and covered inside with top quality enamel to ensure high safety standards for our product. We market the caviar under our own registered brand name “Red Pearl.” “Red Pearl” represents traditional Russian recipes made with high-quality American roe; it is a combination of good quality and excellent flavor, yet available at a very affordable price. In 2009, Awers was the first in the United States to produce product called Caviar Spread. This unique and healthy product with a delicate yet unforgettable taste is made from an original recipe made out of natural salmon caviar and vegetable oil developed by our company.

Our ability to control the process at every stage ensures the highest quality product on your table. Through our careful technique Awers Inc. is able to offer our fine products to satisfy demanding customers.
Two salmons Our caviar comes from hand-picked premier suppliers whose caviar are harvested via ecologically sound methods.